22-30 Hopefield Avenue

Belfast, BT15 5AP



The practice is working with the Development Trust NI (DTNI) which is promoting and managing the pilot programme for the transfer of surplus public buildings to community and non profit groups who express an interest in utilising these buildings for local benefit and services. The practice is part of the pool of expert consultants helping to develop these social assets.


The practice has conducted a number of feasibility and housing studies for the pilot schemes. In one example a building is being saved and is due to be listed, housing for the elderly being developed adjacent, together they will form a new village hinterland space and a public forecourt that will enhance the street character of the village.


Two other asset transfer projects are modernist schools, both of architectural merit. The practice has developed the future potential for housing projects on surplus areas of the sites to ensure a longer term revenue income and stability for the community trusts. All the projects illustrate the benefit of partnership working between sectors, and the potential for good design and strategy to build economic sustainability for local communities.